Photo by Hojin Koh with Sony Xperia 10 IV, in Taipei

Unfortunately The Trick Does Not Work When Writing a Post

As I was contemplating the last letter, I noticed a fairly big problem. The trick. It didn’t work. Once I sensed my intention to publish this letter, my writing changed—“when I had some kind of external audiences in mind,” indeed. But who did I really intend to write for? I mean, if I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that someone’s gonna read this, I probably should try to understand the essence of that “someone,” right? ...

May 14, 2024 · 872 words · Hojin Koh
"Woman seated at writing table, hand on open book," photo by Joseph John Elliott (1835-1903). The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles (Image released under CC0).

Writing a Letter, Writing a Memo, Writing a Post

To the me of tomorrow, I just wrote a short daily memo to you before going to bed. I had to, or your brain may have dropped something important or precious by dawn. Post-COVID brain fog is really infuriating, huh? Nonetheless, writing that memo was actually fun—I didn’t have to think much, just letting whatever came to mind manifest through my fingers. In a similar vein, I was shocked that people actually read my Steam review of Citizen Sleeper. ...

April 30, 2024 · 686 words · Hojin Koh